Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dhaba @ Claridges, New Delhi

A visit to Dhaba was long due since I had heard a lot about it. But I would say that I was not that much impressed by the restaurant. It is ok for occasional visit but not much more than that.

Dhaba is the Claridges Punjabi restaurant, done up like a roadside truck stop; it serves a refined, hygienic version of the simple, tasty food found along North India. The place is pretty small and hence the sitting is quite close. The concept is good but the food is not extraordinary. We tried Matar Paneer (cottage cheese along with peas in thin gravy), Dal Tadka (yellow lentils) and Balti Meat (red meat cooked Indian style) - they were all good but that about it. Overall, I think the non-vegetarian food is better there but it is surely costly. Food for two would cost something around 1200 bucks.

Worth occasional visit - although I would prefer Jade (Chinese restaurant at Claridges) more.

Contact Info:

The Claridges

12, Aurangzeb Road,

New Delhi - 1100011

Phone:- (011) 41335133