Monday, March 24, 2008

Tea Shop, Sector 37, Noida

Tea Shop in Sector 37, near the telephone exchange is one of those hidden places which become popular only through word-to-word publicity. It is a nice little shop run by Capt. (Retd.) Mehra and his wife. It is quite popular among young crowd - who come out to chill, chat and smoke there.

The place has sitting arrangements in front of the shop. It offers great variety of tea and coffee plus grilled/plain sandwiches and other eatables like cookies, momos, corn etc... It is wonderful place - one which I have visited numerous times and still visit a lot. Order any hot/cold drink from their menu and it would be fantastic. All the sandwiches are also wonderful specially the traditional onion-capsicum grilled and the latest chicken-salami one. There is also a sweet shop nearby, offering wonderful samosas.

If you are in Noida, then it is a place to visit and relax in your car while having wonderful tea/coffee along with hot eatables.


Anurag said...

hi .. i will like to get in touch with you and your team members.
this is regarding your blogs and their usefulness ... please send me your email ids.

Jayant Kumar said...

Can you give directions to the place. I have been there once with a friend, but dont remember the directions.

Nandan Jha said...

Nice One Akshaya. I didn't see a reply to Jayant's question. So incase you are still trying to find out here are directions.

1. Reach Sector 37.
2. Ask for Godavari Market. Its not a very known place but there is a 'Agnihotri Gas Agency', a 'Telephone Exchange' which are fairly popular. Its right there in this market. Ask anyone.
3. If no one tells you about 'Godavari Market' then ask for 'Lal Market'. Its very popular. Once you reach Lal Market, ask for Hotel Kamboj (thats also very popular). Head towards Hotel Kamboj, cross the gate and then ask again. You would find it.

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