Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TGIF, Great India Place, Noida

A very long break from this blog. Life has been quite happening and I have been quite lazy to put something here.

So, to start with again, I thought why not start with my current favorite at this point of time - TGIF (Thank God It's Friday).

I have always been fond of Tex-Mex cuisine mostly due to lots of cheese in it:). I liked going to Ruby Tuesdays earlier but they just got their menu all wrong and when I saw that they have removed Chimichanga from their menu, I stopped going there. I recent times, TGIF Noida has been my favorite place to eat food and have beer.

TGIF is a chain of restaurants worldwide and the whole concept of having old artifacts, different assorted items, bar and sitting setup is more or less same at all outlets. The overall feel is like of a relaxed Friday's evening when the work has finished for the week and you want to start weekend with some food and drinks. I really like the setup. The music is also not very much loud - one more thing which I like in an eating place. Overall, for me, a good place to go either with family or with colleagues. They have recently changes their menu - and Chimichanga is here now :)

Since I have been there a lot of time, I have nearly tried most of the stuff. My recommendation would be

For vegetarians - try 'Grilled Pita Dipper', 'Fried Mac & Cheese' or 'Dynabites' in appetizers. Try 'Broken Noodles' pasta or 'Quesdillas' or 'Chimichanga' as the main dish. Top it up with 'Fridays Sundae' - Vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, caramel sauce, nuts and cream. Yummy :):)

For non-vegetarians - try 'Chicken Fajita Nachos' or 'Three-For-All' scheme where you get three appetizers in one serving. For main dish, try 'Sizzling Chicken and Cheese' or 'Fridays Shrimp'.

The menu keeps changing and there would always be some offer at the Noida outlet since they are new and want to establish themselves. For example, they are currently having buy one and get one free offer on food and drinks both.

Contact Information
T.G.I. Friday's
319-320 (3rd Floor),
Great India Place, Sector 38A
Noida - 201301
Tel: 120-4221 000


Vibha said...

Nice Post Akshaya...BTW did you ever consider Food Critique as a career option?

dunonu said...

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Anita Duggal said...

I really like this post.
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