Friday, May 28, 2010

Kaustubh - Great India Place, Noida

Last evening, after not being able to handle the scorching heat of Noida, me and my family decided to spend some cool time by window shopping in Great India Place and increase the footfall in the mall by some numbers.

So, having gone through some shops specially Odyssey, we decided to have dinner in GIP itself. With my father-in-law opting for a Dosa, and me being not so excited nowadays for South Indian food, I thought why did I actually gave him the choice :) :)

But in the end, we decided to step into Kaustubh, a super specialty South Indian restaurant, on the third floor. Kaustubh is a chain of South Indian QSR (Quick Service Restaurants), which have now opened their branches in NCR region - one in Saket and another one in Noida.

And I must say that having South Indian food there was a different experience altogether. It was wonderful to see so many varieties and proper main course offerings. As a part of menu offerings, the restaurant offers a wider range from all the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This is something hard to find in NCR since most of the South India restaurants either offer just the 'dosa-idli-vada' thing or include North Indian offerings in their menu as well.

But the food at Kaustubh is South Indian only. Although, they have 30 kinds of Dosas with them, I would suggest to go for more traditional cuisine like Chettinad or other local cuisines. The flavor is truly wonderful and the preparations speak of someone who knows the South India cuisine. They also have fixed meals and thalis to sample different items but most of them are restricted only to normal dosas, idlis, vada and do not include other specialty cuisine items.

Although the service could have been better for a QSR but overall a must go. Meal for two would cost something around 350-400 bucks.

Contact Information:-
3rd Floor, Great India Place
Noida (U.P.)

Also at
Southern Park Mall,
Behind Select City Mall,
New Delhi-110017


Vaishali Ahuja said...

Nice to hear about a South Indian restaurant that offers more than idli-dosa-vada-sambar.
I am a fan of Andhra food which I could only find at Andhra bhawan canteen on Jaswant Singh Marg road.
Also I could not find "Appam" anywhere in Delhi's south Indian restaurants which is a kind of Keral cereal which they mostly eat as a substitue of chapati. I had loved eating it in Pune and searched here in Delhi. I hope I get to find it at Kaustubh.
Thanks for sharing this.

Akshaya Saxena said...

I tried "Appam" at Kaustubh. And it was wonderful. You would surely enjoy it there. Also, they have quite sufficient menu items from Andhra cuisine.

Sona said...

A great blog, i must say!!.. Kudos to u.. But I was not able to find any mention of mexican cuisine in ur blog.. Would be waiting for that now :)

Anonymous said...

feels so goood when somebody pronounces your name . I am KAUSTUBH tooo .Thank you to promoters for setting it up . enjoy people !

samual james said...
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Soni said...
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Soni said...

Their Website name :

Anonymous said...

Niceeeeee review. I had a chance to visit the noida branch a few days back. Tried lemon semiyaa and Filter coffee and loved them both. Looking fwd to visit it again.

Moumita Biswas said...

its really a very good restaurant. I have tried Palkatti Varuval. and the behaviour of the waiters & other staff members are very nice.

raja said...

please don;t go to Kaustubh. i went with my family and ordered the thali. they served the one dosa, one vada, one idli and upma. vada is so hard that i can;t cut with my spoon and the ratres are veryyyyy high and service was not good. if u want to waste ur money then u can go to Kaustubh.

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