Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mainland China, G.K. - II

For long Mainland China (at Local Shopping Complex, Masjid Moth, G.K.-II) has been on my 'must-go-to-one-day' list. And somehow I was not able to go there. But today I went there for lunch and when I was coming out, I was wondering why the hell I did not went there earlier??? Yes, it is surely one of the best Chinese food place you can have in Delhi. And I was missing it till now!!

To start with, Mainland China has excellent staff (very friendly, helpful & courteous). The place is a modern setup and gives a no-nonsense feeling by the way it has been built and furnished. It covers 2 floors and has comfortable sitting arrangement. They have separate menus for Dim Sum and Other Items. It has several options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuff. And for a change I went all vegetarian today.

The best thing I liked about Mainland China is their Dim Sums - they are simply one of the best you can get in a city dominated by Chinese restaurants serving 'Chinjabi cuisine' instead of the real thing. I would personally recommend to try their Dim Sums if you go there. The best ones are SiuMai (also called Shaomai or Shāomài; small steamed open dumplings with chopped filling inside a thin wheat flour wrapper) & Hargao (also called har gau; delicate steamed dumpling with chopped up filling and almost translucent wheat starch skin). The translucent Hargao is a good demonstration of the chef's artistry to make these translucent dumplings.

For soup, try Silken Tofu with Clear Vegetable Soup - it is a recommended one. In the main course go for, Stir Fried Chinese Greens Cantonese Style (semi-gravy dish) or Vegetable in Chinese Parsley Sauce. They are wonderful and very tasty. Accompany it with any of the fried rice - they have some very good ones, specially Golden Onion & Shitake Mushroom Fried Rice - the one I tried and was very satisfied with the quality & taste. They use fresh ingredients and vegetables which was evident from the taste of their dishes.

Average cost for two people without drinks would be 1000 bucks - pretty cheap for the quality of the food. They also have buffet lunch available each day - it costs 350 bucks plus taxes and from whatever I could explore it is VFM.

A must go for:-
1. One of the best Chinese food in Delhi.
2. Dim Sums - they are among the best.

And since, I have rated the vegetarian options till now, I will surely write about their non-vegetarian stuff one day.

Contact info:
Mainland China,
Plot No. 4, Local Shopping Centre,
Masjid Moth,
Greater Kailash - II,
New Delhi - 110048
Tel : (011) 40535525 / 26
Email :